Comprehensive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment


Clinical Staff Wellesley  
Tracy Barnes, LICSW
Tanya Cherkerzian, LICSW, Director
Melissa Crawford, LICSW
Katherine J. Eyre, LICSW
Janice Furlong, LICSW
Mark Geer, Ed.D., Director
Nikki Hinckley, LICSW
Daniel S. Jaquette, Ed.D., Director
Stephanie Johnson, LICSW
Susan Kelledy, LICSW
Laura S. Kinney, LICSW
Tina Kraus, LICSW
Carol Litzler, LICSW
Stacey Mastromatteo, LICSW
Carol Anne Marchetti, PhD, RN
Caitlin Noone, LICSW
Elizabeth Ross, M.D.
Jennifer Ruhl, LICSW
Cathy Spear, LICSW
Kate Stacom, LICSW
Robin Strickman, LICSW
Elizabeth Webb, LICSW
Amanda Wislocki, LICSW
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