Daniel S Jaquette, Ed.D. (he/him/his)

Behavioral Health Specialist in Wellesley, MA

Graduating from Harvard College and receiving my doctorate from Harvard’s Laboratory of Human Development, I have counseled adolescents, young adults, older adults, couples, and families for over 30 years. I stress the unique changes, challenges, and opportunities that come with each new milestone in our development. These tend to center around improving our relationships, amending our behaviors when we make mistakes, regulating our emotional reactions to stressful events, and finding passion in both our career and personal pursuits.

I am committed to understanding my clients, to knowing about their strengths and weaknesses, and helping them achieve their personal goals. We will build an “action plan” where my clients gain confidence in their ability to improve behaviors and attitudes that might be obstructing their growth. We will focus on concrete steps, like getting started with exercise, meeting new people, organizing and prioritizing tasks, or exploring new talents and interests. And when things get hard, we will see those hurdles as just “speed bumps”. My therapeutic approach would be best characterized as “solution focused therapy,” stressing that there is a solution within each of us. I hope to instill in my clients the trust that I am really there for them, with faith that a better you is a matter of our efforts working together.

I don’t think in terms of psychiatric diagnoses, but human beings experiencing problems in specific areas of their lives. I have specialized in helping adolescents with the desire for independence but a willpower that rejects the wisdom of parents and teachers. My perspective on complex family situations can often help untie parents’ battles with kids or with each other. For many of my young adult clients I provide career counseling as they try to define or redefine their talents with a realistic eye on the job market. Finding ways of overcoming social anxiety has been an interest across the age spectrum of my clients. I have specialized for 30 years in children and adults coming to terms with the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder. I particularly enjoy working with couples, sometimes together or with only one partner, to help them find the “togetherness” lost through difficult experiences and not enough time to talk. I have extensive experience in helping patients cope with chronic pain, and in supporting clients going through what has become epidemic job stress.

Sometimes only a few sessions are needed to make progress, but I also provide “quality of life” counseling, working intermittently with individuals or families over longer periods of time. I accept private health insurance because I don’t believe therapy should come at the cost of other ways of finding happiness. I’m happy to arrange for an initial interview to see if my approach and a client’s predicament are a good fit.


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