Dr. Daniel Jackson, MD

Starting out as a pediatrician practicing in Connecticut, my focus was drawn to the many factors ultimately affecting the shaping of children.  Soon I got involved in  residency programs in psychiatry and child/adolescent psychiatry, at the Tufts-NEMC program and McLean Hospital, and am triple board certified in pediatrics, adult psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry.

Feeling part of Boston’s strong psychiatry community, I have worked in various nearby settings.  Serving as medical director of several inpatient adolescent programs, and in community mental health clinics, partial hospitals, while also developing a continuous office private practice, seeing patients both young and old, for short-term work or for much longer.

As understanding and trust grow in both treater and treated, therapy becomes enlivened.  Depending on the nature of the findings, a diagnosis is established (and explained) and when medications have a role, they are utilized.  Overall, its an open process, and is only done with patient’s full consent.  Throughout Colony Care Behavioral Health you will notice the strong regard for privacy and confidentiality.



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