Diagnosing ADHD in Wellesley, MA

A diagnosis of ADHD can be made through a structured, comprehensive, clinical interview in addition to rating scales, collateral information, and objective measures. Colony Care Behavioral Health clinicians can refer clients to complete the IVA-2 Continuous Performance Test (IVA-2 CPT) to obtain objective measures as part of a diagnostic clinical interview.

The IVA-2 and other Continuous Performance Tests (CPTs) are used across the world by clinicians both as part of a comprehensive neuropsychological test as as one component of other multifaceted diagnostic assessments. No test alone renders a diagnosis. However, the correlation of CPTs and behavioral ratings scales along with objective measures of sustained attention, vigilance, and continuous performance of tasks can be essential to either confirm or rule out ADHD when combined with a comprehensive interview. Call our mental health clinic at (781) 431-1177 to schedule an appointment today!

IVA-2 Cognitive Performance Test (CPT)


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