ADHD Diagnostic Process and IVA-2 Test

The IVA-2 CPT (Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test) is an advanced and reliable Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool specifically designed to assess symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in individuals.

Colony Care Behavioral Health offers the IVA-2 for further testing of ADHD to support mental health clinicians and their clients in accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The IVA-2 is a Clinical Decision Support software, which supplements a clinical interview. It provides an objective and standardized evaluation of attention and impulse control, utilizing both visual and auditory stimuli. This comprehensive assessment allows for a more accurate understanding of cognitive functioning, going beyond subjective observations and self-reported symptoms. Further, the IVA-2 is unique in that it provides Malingering Analysis to help a clinician determine if a client is feigning impairments or symptoms of ADHD for personal gain.

The IVA-2 is an essential piece to a thorough assessment process that can contribute to a more precise diagnosis. A precise diagnosis is vital in tailoring an appropriate treatment plan for an individual’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the most effective interventions and support. Moreover, the IVA-2’s results can provide valuable insights into an individual’s performance on different attention-related measures, such as sustained attention, response control, and response variability.

This comprehensive understanding can guide the therapeutic approach to develop targeted interventions to address specific challenges the individual may be facing. Please note, the IVA-2 CPT is not intended to replace a full neuropsychological evaluation and may not be sufficient testing for certain individuals. It is important to consult with a trained clinician or the entity requesting testing to be certain IVA-2 CPT is the correct testing for your specific needs. Additionally, results do not guarantee particular treatment but serve to guide a clinician’s treatment plan. Treatment is individualized and determined by multiple factors.

For these reasons, individuals seeking IVA-2 testing must be referred by a mental health clinician. Reports generated from testing are shared directly with a clinician qualified to interpret psychological tests. You may request an appointment with a Colony Care affiliated clinician to discuss your interest in IVA-2 testing by completing our Appointment Request Form.

Please review the following links to find more information on the research behind the IVA-2:
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IVA-2 CPT Service Pricing

Reserved testing session including report: $300


Despite the value of the IVA-2 to promote more targeted treatment plans, potentially reducing trial-and-error approaches and unnecessary interventions, the administration of the test and generation of the report are not reliably reimbursed by commercial insurances. For these reasons, we do not bill insurance companies for the administration of the test and generation of the report, and out-of-pocket payment is required at the time of scheduling. However, market research demonstrates that this cost is significantly more affordable than typical out-of-pocket costs for neuropsychological testing.

To speak with one of our mental health clinicians in Massachusetts about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD including the IVA-2 CPT, please request an appointment today. You can also speak with one of our team members by calling our mental health clinic at (781) 431-1177. The best way to connect with a clinician is to complete our appointment request form to schedule an appointment.

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